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Loampit Vale

  • ClientPurelake New Homes and Family Mosaic
  • Local authorityLB of Lewisham
  • Construction cost£7.5M
  • StatusComplete 2018

Residential blocks arranged around open space


This project is located on Loampit Vale in Lewisham. The site was formed by amalgamating 5 different sites and as a result a greater quantum of accommodation and a more coherant urban form was provided.

The site is constrained by the railway viaduct, terrace housing, a narrow frontage onto Loampit Vale and limitations in massing to avoid overlooking to adjacent sites.

The scheme is arranged around two open spaces: A central south facing courtyard for the benefit all the residents and a public landscaped walk adjacent to the viaduct which provides access to three of thw dwelings. All the open space is ioverlooked by dwellings which provide passive surveillance.