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Ireton Lodge

Holland Park

  • ClientRoyal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • Local authorityRoyal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • Construction cost£Undisclosed
  • StatusPlanning permission granted 2010


The project is for a new-build modern three bedroom family Ecohouse with a small pavilion. The ‘upside down’ two storey dwelling will be sunken into the natural sloping gradient of the site, allowing the three lower ground floor bedrooms to benefit from the thermal mass of the dwelling structure and the ground. The building will be constructed using a prefabricated timber frame cassette system with recycled newspaper insulation and locally sourced larch timber cladding.

The dwelling will also feature various sustainable technologies and measures including, an air source heat pump, solar thermal photovoltaic panels, black water treatment, rainwater harvesting, passive solar gain, an external cooling pond, passive ventilation, a biodiverse green roof and internal and external recycling facilities.

A pre-planning Code for Sustainable Homes assessment has found that the house will surpass the requirements necessary to achieve a Code Level 5 rating