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Foxley Lane

LB of Croydon

  • ClientAitch Group
  • Local authorityLB of Croydon
  • Construction cost£11m
  • StatusPlanning Approved 2018

A new residential building for Croydon

Our scheme comprises 49 flats of one, two and three bedrooms with 2 accessible parking spaces. The following design principles were established:

• integration with elevation line of Purley Library in order to respect importance of the heritage asset
• addressing the building line to the east from the corner of Russell Hill Road
• communal amenity space at the back of the development to allow for sufficient space to the Mosaic Development
• avoid car park area within the building frontage
The main form with organic arrangement of windows in dark red brick located centrally on the site as a feature element. The side wings have an organised window arrangement in cream
brick stepping