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Creek Road

  • ClientHyde Housing Association
  • Local authorityRoyal Borough of Greenwich
  • Construction cost£
  • Status

A scheme adjacent to Deptford Creek and the River Thames


Creekside has a strong industrial and maritime history due to its close proximity to the Thames. The area had a unique character, with warehouse buildings, yards, wharves and King’s Slaughterhouse on the site of Harold’s Wharf.

Today there are some remaining elements and memories of the old character of the area, however it is significantly different and consists mainly of contemporary apartment buildings constructed within the last 30 years.
The proposed scheme is a nine storey building in robust yellow stock brick. The window openings are generous and full height. Animation is added in the form of projecting and inset balconies.

The scheme has an active frontage with non residential uses at ground floor. Above this are 26 dwellings. Typically there are three dwellings per floor however this changes to four at the top two levels. All dwellings have access to private amenity space as well as shared rooftop terrace.